April 17, 2022

On Saturday 16 April 2022, the IGR UK North Division finals took place at the Preston Grasshoppers ground. After what was an incredibly challenging game against The Leeds Hunters, the Sheffield Vulcans played their best game ever and won 24-20 securing the title of IGR UK North 1 Champions.

Here are a few words from our Captain, Mark Morgan who has a message to share with the Vulcans:

“I Just wanted to say a few bits now the dust has settled and heads are clearer. On what has been an unbelievable weekend and season for the club.
We (I) have droned on and on all year about what everyone needed to do to step up, to bring the club forward and progress! Everyone around the club has done all of that, and more. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this group because of that.

I’m even more honoured to be able to say I’m Captain of this group of people. Thank you, I’ve put my heart and soul into my role this year and as I said yesterday, I only do it because of the people that you are. Every success the club has had would not be possible without all of you, this belongs to every Vulcan past and present. Everyone who has even just put a cone out at training, this is yours. The 23 players who take the field each Saturday wearing that shirt would not be able to do their jobs without the support they receive, the people the train with and friends they share these experiences with.

There’s people such as Andy, Liam, Dave and many more who do so much on match days for example, eternally grateful for everything people do, you’re really unsung heroes. The real success of our season has come from the 2s. Throughout the season the line between the 2 teams has been more and more blurred which was the aim, people coming in to play 1s games all year. The fact that in what was our toughest game of the year, the final none the less, we had people able to and confident enough to come in and do an incredible job. It just shows how well everyone has done and how far they’ve grown. People who at the start of the year maybe wouldn’t have felt that was possible for themselves. Truly incredible. Finally, and most importantly. Thank you Andrea and Kate. Your leadership and guidance has been brilliant and I know I speak for everyone of us when I say we are lucky to have you with us and we love you guys to death! Would not have been possible without you.

Big love yours,
Captain of the Champions of IGR North

Photo: @amyleighstewartphotography