Captain’s Log – What To Expect from Sheffield Vulcans in 19/20

Captain, Innes MacLeod gives an insight into what he wants the club to achieve in our upcoming season.

As the Vulcans second birthday approaches so does the anniversary of my first trip to Endcliffe Park for a training session with the club. If you went back in time and told me that in a year I would be heading into the next season as captain I would have been, to say the least, surprised. It’s been an amazing year with training sessions that built confidence, socials that brought new friends and games that reminded everyone involved why we love this game. So the feeling I have looking forward is not surprise but excitement for what promises to be this young clubs best season yet.

From my first session to today the club has grown massively and we can only expect that to continue. With more members comes greater opportunities to build on the skill and talent within the squad. It also has a practical impact, this season we expect to play in more games and tournaments than ever before. With bigger training sessions we can be more ambitious in developing our playing style. Even more importantly it means that the socials are going to be as vibrant as ever.

As we grow it’s important we hold on to and develop our values and as captain I see it as my responsibility to ensure that. For many, myself included, the attraction in playing for an inclusive rugby team is the knowledge that it’s a welcoming space that has a positive and encouraging atmosphere. What most impresses me about this club is how players of all levels of experience are given the support they need to improve, and the confidence to know that they all have something to contribute to our success. I truly believe that we will be celebrating many victories next season but I don’t just mean winning games – though that will no doubt come. Every person who picks up a rugby ball for the first time, plays their first game, scores their first try or even feels the confidence that comes with watching your skills grow at whatever level is a victory for this club. It is that inclusive and positive approach that has been the foundation of the Vulcans from the beginning and I hope to see it only grow in the year ahead.

Sheffield Vulcans 2019

Next year we will be able to demonstrate those values locally, nationally and internationally as we head into an exciting year. It is fantastic to see the IGR family growing and we want to build connections to the many new clubs that are appearing all around us. We will be playing across the country against established clubs continuing our friendships and rivalries with them. The biggest event we will be looking forward to is travelling further than the Vulcans have before and heading to Canada to participate in our first Bingham Cup, IGR’s world tournament. We hope to be doing Sheffield proud in representing them on an international stage.

My confidence in this teams ability to get bigger and better has only improved since I joined one year ago. My hope is that in another years time I’ll be looking back and feeling the same thing. 2019 brings a lot of opportunities and challenges but I know that we’ll meet them with the steel and determination that could only come from a team made in Sheffield.


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