Why I love being a Sheffield Vulcan: Charlie’s Story

With us unable to train at home up at Sheffield Tigers RUFC as a single unit, the Sheffield Vulcans haven’t let the lockdown dampen our team spirit. We’re still working on our fitness by running drills in pods of six around the steel city making sure we’re ready for the upcoming season. So, as we continue training under RFU guidelines, we want to share with you why we love being a member of the Sheffield Vulcans.

That’s why we’ve reached out to a few of our players and asked them to share their story with you about their personal experiences of being a member of the Sheffield Vulcans. We asked them about how they came to know about the club, why they joined the team and what advice they have for individuals interested in playing rugby.

This is Charlie Winterburn’s story…

Charlie Winterburn

I first found out about the Vulcans on social media. After telling myself I’d go to a session for a few months I finally decided to go down to Endcliffe Park to give it a go back in October. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.​ ​

I’d played rugby as a kid all the way up to coming to Sheffield to study archaeology (the Vulcans name took me an embarrassingly long time to get though!). Even though it took until my third year of uni to join and I hadn’t played for a few years, rugby had still been a part of my life. The glory and beauty of the Six Nations every winter; I remember taking non-rugby friends to the pub to watch Wales thrash England (as one of the only Welsh supporters in the pub) and it was amazing.​

I wanted to join a club that would be welcoming and supportive and finally decided to try the Vulcans out for myself. Growing up I played all over the park, but mostly in the front row. After a few years I was forced further away from the scrums and more towards the backs. At the Vulcans my lack of dedicated knowledge for a single position isn’t a limiting factor, although I physically can’t play in the forwards (well I could at 70kgs but it wouldn’t be easy!); the Vulcans are a team of many strengths and there’s no such thing as not being “good enough” only that you try your best.​

Charlie’s advice for individuals wanting to play rugby:

For anyone considering joining, no matter your ability, just do it, just reach out and you’ll be on the pitch in no time having a laugh.

We’d like to thank Charlie for his time and we won’t hold it against you for wearing a league shirt.

If you want to know more about the Sheffield Vulcans or you are interested in joining us at our next available training session you can join our Facebook group here or you can click here to register as a Vulcan.