Why I love being a Sheffield Vulcan: Andrew’s Story

With us unable to train at home up at Sheffield Tigers RUFC as a single unit, the Sheffield Vulcans haven’t let the lockdown dampen our team spirit. We’re still working on our fitness by running drills in pods of six around the steel city making sure we’re ready for the upcoming season. So, as we continue training under RFU guidelines, we want to share with you why we love being a member of the Sheffield Vulcans.

That’s why we’ve reached out to a few of our players and asked them to share their story with you about their personal experiences of being a member of the Sheffield Vulcans. We asked them about how they came to know about the club, why they joined the team and what advice they have for individuals interested in playing rugby.

This is Andrew Gibson’s story…

Andrew Gibson

I  hadn’t ever considered that rugby could be a sport for me; I’m not in any way athletic and did not enjoy PE or sport when I was at school.  After discovering the Vulcans through social media, I popped along to a training session with a friend who was wanting to join and after spending a few weeks of watching from the edge of the field, I thought I could give it a go so I did. Talking to the Chairperson at the time, he persuaded me to give it a try (pun?), but I waited a few months until the end of July when the “Welcome Week” sessions were being run.

I was nervous to start, I felt like I was always falling over my own shadow all the time, but working with the team had a very surprising effect. Not only did it improve my physical abilities proving to myself I could do more than I suspected but it has improved my confidence as well as my mental health which is just as important to me.

Everyone on the team is extremely supportive, and they are now like an extended family. If you struggle with a skill, you can always approach one of the more experienced players and they will help you improve, breaking it down in a way that you understand.

Initially, I was only going to join for non-contact rugby, but as I have gone along I have found the confidence to play full games too. Joining the Vulcans has most definitely changed my life and my outlook on sports.

Recently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the team have all rallied around each other, and aside from our online quiz nights, we are all there on the other end of the phone for each other, whether it be for a chat or to offer support, even to pop to the supermarket if we were isolating!

Andrew’s advice for individuals wanting to play rugby:

Don’t feel pressured into it if you’re new, take it at your own pace. That’s what the Vulcans did for me and that’s why I am still a member today.

We’d like to thank Andrew for his time and for sharing his story.

If you want to know more about the Sheffield Vulcans or you are interested in joining us at our next available training session you can join our Facebook group here or you can click here to register as a Vulcan.