♥♥ Why We LOVE being a Sheffield Vulcan ♥♥

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share the stories of 5 Sheffield Vulcans and why they LOVE being part of our club; How they came to join Sheffield’s inclusive Rugby team and why they enjoy coming to training, playing in matches and joining in on socials.

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Richard Gladding

I became aware of the Vulcans last Sheffield Pride and along with some friends we decided to give it a go. We’d had quite a bit to drink when we found them which had probably bolstered our courage as we signed up to the mailing list. Initially I was wary because of past experiences at school but it turns out that I needn’t be. No one is there to be a Judge Judy or to ridicule.

Training in an environment where there’s no heckling, name calling or bullying has totally changed my outlook on playing in a sport. Rugby has became something that I enjoy and have started to show a real interest and passion in. Nine months ago the notion of me playing in any sport, let alone Rugby, hadn’t even crossed my mind.

I’d encourage anyone to give it a try. Don’t let previous experiences playing sports at school or elsewhere hold you back, I’m certainly glad I didn’t. Through the Vulcans I’ve learnt to love Rugby, grown in confidence and also met a great bunch of people. What more can you ask?


Dan Jenkinson

My boyfriend and I came to our first Vulcans training session in September 2018 because we had always wanted to play Rugby but we never felt like we had the skills to join a team. On their website, the Vulcans say that anyone is welcome regardless of skill level so we weren’t intimidated by them, and they made us feel like part of the team from the moment we introduced ourselves.

Since joining, I have loved being part of a team, developing a new skill, and making new friends. I have especially liked getting more involved in the LGBTQ+ community, since I didn’t have many friends on the spectrum before I joined.

I’ve been lucky enough to have played in two matches with the Vulcans, and even though I have a long way to go in terms of my skills, I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. I look forward to plenty more matches with the team and seeing where in the world this new hobby could take me!


Arthur Phillips

I spotted some info online – ‘Come along and give it a try’ it said, ‘Even if you’ve never picked up a ball before’. Tick!

I had been considering doing some kind of exercise activity, and being outdoors appealed, so I went along to the park to the Vulcans training session. I expected it to be an introduction to general fitness – but it turned out to be better than that. Right away it was hands-on learning the basics of Rugby.

With other new-starters, we got supported all the way by the enthusiasm and encouragement of the team. I’d not played sport before, yet suddenly I am swept along with the exertion and the exhilaration, striving, making mistakes and learning (still doing that !). And the dawning feeling of being part of a team.

I love how training is pitched at a level for everyone to join in and gain experience. First ones were strenuous, feeling aches in parts of my body unused to exercise. But you quickly begin to get accustomed and roll with it. Landing in soft mud is… good !

The social side of the club is a bonus, with get-togethers and nights out. This side of things is a different sort of challenge for me as sometimes I find it hard mixing socially in groups. However, the mood is always lightened as the Vulcans are a warm, interesting and entertaining bunch of individuals and there’s lots of laughs; plus looking out for each other.

If you’re an older beginner like me, or any age, and wondering about whether to give Rugby a try, get yourself down here. It’s one of the best things I’ve done. I tried it and love it.


Craig Waterhouse

Craig Waterhouse

I joined the Sheffield Vulcans as a method to gain more confidence and mainly get me out of the house meeting more people. Since joining the Vulcans I have found my mood has been so much better, and I am happier than I ever remember being, the team is a lovely group of people that can’t do enough to help every team member and person who wants to join.

I used to want to join teams at school but was alway surrounded by idiots who would make you’re life hell if you weren’t the best and didn’t make them the star. Here I find the opposite to be true.

I love that the team doesn’t bother with stars. The Vulcans give credit and recognition where due but will always acknowledge everyone’s efforts. Everyone always makes me feel like a core part of the team and like a valued member even though I still lack some confidence. With more and more time I feel like a different person, I’m much more confident and happy than I ever remember being, and it’s all thanks to the team helping me.


Lefteris Solomou

As a single gay man away from home (Cyprus) and without any gay friends in Sheffield, I was looking for a way to expand my circle when I stumbled upon an article about an inclusive Rugby team. At first I was gutted that i had no clue about Rugby, as in never watched a match or even played at school, but the fact that the team is LGBTQ+ friendly intrigued me to look into it.

At first I started following the team’s Instagram profile and their website just to get a first glimpse of the team and how they roll and socialise. Then a friend of mine mentioned that he plays in the team and he explained to me that everyone is welcome, accepted and respected in the team no matter of their sexual orientation, Rugby knowledge, body type, age etc.

So after I quitted my part time job and I had my weekends and evenings free again, I decided to give it a go as I like to be busy and active. The fact that the team was offering 4 free training sessions made me think that i had nothing to lose and maybe to gain instead. To feel comfortable with who you are and to be able to express yourself with no fear of judgement, were the first things that I felt from the very first training session with the Sheffield Vulcans Rugby team.

The vibe in the training sessions is so friendly but at the same time well mannered and professional. I really enjoy our training sessions, we are having lots of fun and at the same time we are improving our Rugby skills and knowledge. I am very glad and pleased that now I have fully joined the Sheffield Vulcans Rugby team and that I already made some new friends. It’s never too late to start something new and this team is the proof!