Hadrian’s Cup 2019

Sheffield Vulcans took part in our first ever Hadrian’s Cup, a 10s tournament organised by our IGR brothers the Newcastle Ravens.

The Vulcans travelled to the North East and enjoyed several games which included a win against Bristol Bisons before being knocked out of the running for the Hadrian’s Plate by the Birmingham Bulls.

Take a look at some of the thoughts and feedback from our players:

Arthur Phillips –

Before kick-off, training run-throughs soon got us warmed up. We split forwards and backs and worked through techniques, tactics and an approach for the day. Good for motivation and confidence-boosting – even if in the game it turned out to be more difficult to put all the set-piece moves into practice!
Playing in teams of ten on a full size pitch meant all the team was active throughout, with a lot of terrain to cover and opportunities to break through gaps plus also more work to defend space. My personal aim was to put into practice a few things I’d learned at our training and I concentrated on staying in front of an oncoming opponent, pushing a player over the touchline, improving my passing.
The whole day was a joy with a great atmosphere – camaraderie, competitiveness and celebration.  We all tried so hard, loved being a part of the whole – and won a match too!  Definitely Vulcans’ heads held high.

Dan Jenkinson –

The Hadrians cup was my third opportunity to play for the Vulcans and my first time playing away from Sheffield. The tournament was a great way to get to know players from other IGR teams from different places around the country, and experience a city I had never visited before.

Despite being beaten in our first match of the day, it was a really good chance for us to learn new tactics from a skilled and experienced team. It was during our second match that we had a chance to apply some new tricks, and we ended up winning – I also scored my first try for the Vulcans! Hopefully the first of many. I had a great time and I’m now looking forward to continuing to hone my skills and be part of more Vulcan victories.

Leyteris Solomou -After a warm welcome from Newcastle Ravens the night before, the tournament started with a warm up. I noticed that some teams from different cities were training together,  which seemed unusual to a newbie like me, but I soon saw the pleasant atmosphere shown by all IGR teams that had gathered.

The time for our game arrived. All of a sudden the adrenaline kicked in along with some anxiety. I made some rookie mistakes in my first ever match but my team mates, opponents, and even the referee took the time to explain to me which motivated me and made me learn from my mistakes. 

The may have lost to the Newcastle Ravens, but what was kept in my mind was the all the good comments everyone was exchanging with the opposing team and that I got some good feedback too. That pushed me to believe in myself and be less afraid for the second match. 

On the second match we were playing against the Bristol Bisons 2nds. It was a great match and we won with 2 tries from Daniel Ray and Andres GI. I had never felt happier and after every try, that the whole team put an effort towards, the excitement was written on everyone’s face.

The whole team had such a fantastic time playing and celebrating at the tournament. We strengthened bonds with other IGR teams, learnt more about playing 10s, and enjoyed experiencing the Newcastle nightlife once again.

Watch out for us next year when we’ll no doubt return with even more fire for a title.