Caledonian Thebans Rugby Clinic – 2019

On Friday 25th of October, the Sheffield Vulcans gathered together at the train station to travel to Edinburgh for the annual Rugby clinic hosted by the Caledonian Thebans RUFC. Players from 19 IGR teams across Europe participated in this year’s clinic making it the biggest yet!

Registration was held at the all mighty Murrayfield stadium giving the event a very grand feeling. Our players got the chance to meet the rest of the teams and socialise over few pints but also we got a big surprise from the Chairperson of Caledonian Thebans when he announced their bid for Bingham 2022.

Saturday morning was upon us and all the teams descended to the training pitches for the morning warm ups that were run by the Scottish rugby. All players then were mixed up and separated from their teams forming 5 groups and every group had 5 different training stations that had to go through. After the warm ups and the training, the teams were provided a free meal and enough time for the teams to gather and get ready for the games.

The Vulcans teamed up with players from other teams such as the Village Spartans, Emerald Warriors from Dublin, Berlin Bruisers and our fellow Yorkshire team, the Leeds Hunters. The games lasted 15 mins and the Vulcans were to play against Kings Cross Steelers for the first match and then the Aberdeen Taexali. Both matches found the Vulcans victorious without conceiving a single try from the opposing teams and scoring more than 5 tries on every match. Congrats to our highest scorer: Dan Giles.

The Vulcans also helped the Leeds hunters on their last game giving their best character and skills. After the tournament was finished we all retrieved in our rooms to have some rest before the night out. The night started strong with loads of food being devoured at an all you can eat buffet and some bonding between our players engaging everyone on fun topics and having a laugh. We then proceeded for some pre drinks with the rest of the teams at a local bar where we mingled with our fellow rugby players from the rest of the teams.

This year’s clinic event theme was M&S Vs S&M which leaves much to imagination and creativity and our player didn’t miss the opportunity to be creative with their outfits from handmade body accessories to free style hippies. Sunday had arrived and it found some of the Vulcans watching the RWC semi-final over breakfast and some others joining the rest of the teams for the Clinics Kangaroo court.

To sum up, this weekend was all about expanding not only our rugby skills but also our bonding with other teams and embracing the spirit of the IGR. Learn more about the clinic here.