Welcome to the Sheffield Vulcans



We are a Inclusive Rugby Club that was set up in Sheffield in August 2017. We are a part of a group of clubs that have been set up by the IGR (International Gay Rugby) and their Spirit of Rugby Campaign.

The IGR and England Rugby (RFU) worked closely together to promote Rugby off the back of the “Spirit of 2012” initiative which promoted an increase in sports after the summer Olympics. The IGR promoted Inclusive rugby on a Pride Summer Tour inviting members of the LGBTQ community to come together and “Fear less and give rugby a try”. From this the Vulcans were set up and became the 13th active club in the country to be set up, joining the ranks that includes; the Manchester Village Spartans, Liverpool Tritons and Leeds Hunters.


Homophobia can be rife in sports clubs and this can put the LGBTQ community off from participating. Our main aim is provide a safe place for LGBTQ peoples or anyone in general to participate in sports without worry of prejudice.